Bronzeskin skincare line was founded in February 2020. The owner, Ming, started her line after years of using various over the counter skincare products that barely did it for her sensitive skin. Some products were just too harsh and full of chemicals that seemed to make things worse. After all the frustration with wasting money on products that showed little to no improvement she started looking into natural home remedies and making her own products with natural ingredients. After consistent use of these products in her skincare routine she started to notice improvements with her skin. This inspired her to create and pursue her dreams of owning her own skincare line .When Ming initially started she only had an exfoliating scrub. She now offers a variety of homemade all natural products that are cruelty free and suitable for all skin types. Ming's ultimate goal is to create products that work, people will love using and that your skin will benefit from. She stands on the belief that your skin is your biggest investment and the more you take care of it the more you will love the skin you're in ! ! !